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    Construction Chemical Additives,Additive Building Construction,Mortar Additives for Adhesion
    1.Production introduction
    They are types of re-dispersible emulsion powder copolymerized with VAC/E formed after centrifugal spraying and drying.It dissolves in water easily and quickly forms emulsion.Its chemical properties is the same as original emulsion completely.As the external wall of heat preservation to bond the mortar powder for special uses,it has many advantages,such as simple ingredients,easy uses,low costs and stable performance.
    2. Product Parameter
    Polymer CompositionVAC/EVAC/EVAC/E
    AppearanceWhite PowderWhite PowderWhite Powder
    Stacking density (kg/m3)500±50500±50500±50
    Non volatile matter content≥98.0%≥98.0%≥98.0%
    Ash content (%)13±211±210±2
    Fineness (80μm) ≤10.0 10.0 10.0
    PH Value6~86~86~8
    50% with water Viscosity0.5~2.00.5~2.01.0~2.0
    MFFT (℃)3±20±2-3±2
    3. Features
    It has high resistance to saponification performance,especially suit for using with inorganic adhesives,such as cement,lime,gypsum and plaster,or as a ingredient to bind.
    Soft emulsion powder,dispersed in water to increase the adhesion between mortar and its substrates and improve the mechanic property and manageability of mortar.And it is no effect for mobility,thixotropy and water-holding capacity for the materials.
    3. It has perfect compatibility to achieve the special performance mortar additives,and improve the mechanic property and construction of mortar.
    In 25kg paper bags inner with PE bags with labels according to requirement.
    Store it in a cool,dry place below 30℃
    6.Valid period
    360 days. Exceeding valid period,if the products have not lumped and can still be used.VAE Powder Construction use

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