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    Built In Steam Oven
    Specifications: Model: DZL26-H01
    Rated Voltage: 200V
    Rated Frequency: 50Hz
    Capacity: 26L
    Heating: Steam Heating
    Heating Temperature: 60℃-100℃
    Product Size: 595×455×410mm
    Installation Size(Embed): 600×460×≥550mm
    Installation Size(External): 568×448×≥550mm

    Compared with frying, steaming can minimize damage to nutrients in food. By steam cooking, food tastes, nutrients, and characters do not change greatly. Food protein, cellulose and other nutrients can be retained the original flavor of the original juice. People are paying more attention to the healthy lifestyle nowadays, so steam oven are becoming more and more popular.
    • Black tempered glass panel
    • Stainless steel cavity
    • Sensor touch digital control panel with LED display
    • Precision temperature control
    • Steam and thawing function cooking functions
    • Big Capacity: 0.9 cu. ft. (26L)
    • 1900W Steam Power
    • Large capacity water tank
    • Steam stops when door is open
    • Child safe control lock

    Packing and Weight:
    Model Model: DZL26-H01
    Packing Dimension (Length*Width*Height) (mm)
    Gross Weight (kg)
    Net Weight (kg)
    Container Loading (pcs)

    China Steam Oven

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